what I'm doing now

(This is a now page. If you have your own site, consider making one too!)

playing music

I’ve mostly been practicing guitar, piano, and drums, but have also started recording some things to push myself to work on songwriting and composing.

I recently began posting some recordings on Instagram. I was nervous to post those publicly at first, since I want to make things perfect before I share them and don’t feel like I have the skills to make things perfect yet, but it’s been a good motivator for me and has pushed me to actually finish small pieces and start showing them to friends.

thinking about software and people

I read Andy Matuschak and Michael Nielsen’s paper on tools for thought last year and it’s had a huge influence on my interests since then. I’m fascinated by the idea that new transformative tools for thought could (and hopefully will) be developed. I’ve had fun continuing to explore this topic and learn more about the people that are actively working on it.