This page is a sort of public bookmark list for links to things on the internet that I’ve found interesting or valuable. It was last updated in July 2020.


  • Letterboxd - This site is a must-use for movie lovers. It makes it easy to keep track of movies you’ve seen and want to see.


Listening To Music

  • Discogs - This site is primarily for vinyl lovers, but I’ve found that it gives me some of the same features for music that I like about Letterboxd for movies, like making lists of albums and looking up who all was involved in the making of an album.

  • Bandcamp - Bandcamp is my favorite music discovery platform and my favorite place to buy digital and physical music. They seem to treat artists more better than other platforms do, and provide a simple way for them to sell their music. When you purchase digital music there, you have unlimited downloads of high-quality DRM-free files.

  • - This one has been around for a long time, and I wish more people that I knew used it because I think it’s really cool. It tracks the songs you listen to across all of your different streaming services and music apps, and gives you cool stats from your listening history.

Learning Music

  • Learning Music - This is a cool website that folks at Ableton made that aims to help people learn the basics of what goes in to making music.

  • Learning Synths - This is pretty similar to Learning Music, but focused specifically on learning synthesis. I think it’s a great way for people to learn this stuff without having to buy a hardware synth or figure out how to use potentially confusing VSTs.

  • Justin Guitar - This site has so much good free content for learning guitar, it’s crazy. Justin is a great teacher, and I’ve gotten a lot of value from his videos.

  • Jim Pankey’s Banjo Lessons - I’ve been going through this guy’s videos while I’m borrowing my brother’s banjo and they’ve been great. I wish there were videos like Jim’s for every skill I’ve wanted to learn.

  • ModularGrid - If you’re interested in Eurorack modular synthesizers and haven’t been using this site, I’m not sure if I want to recommend it or tell you to avoid it, because it’s way too easy to get excited about new modules on it and convince yourself to spend more money than you should.

  • Funklet - This is a collection of some of the funkiest drum grooves of all time, curated by Jack Stratton of Vulfpeck. I’ve found it to be super helpful when looking for groove inspiration.


  • Netlify - Netlify provides a set of tools that make it easy to build websites with little-to-no backend code. I use it to host this website (which it rebuilds automatically with every new commit to master), to host a few “Serverless” functions for it, and to collect server-side-only analytics so that I don’t have to send you any javascript tracking junk when you visit this site.


  • Couchsurfing - This one had been on my radar for a long time but I didn’t start using it until this year. Since joining, I’ve hosted about a dozen travelers from all over the world at my place and it’s been a lot of fun. Some people get pretty sketched out by the concept of letting strangers stay in your home, but I think you can minimize the risk by checking up on people’s social media profiles before offering to host them, and reading through their reviews from previous hosts.


These are some personal websites that I think are cool or inspiring. Some belong to friends of mine and some belong to people that I admire but don’t know personally.

Miscellaneous Cool Websites