How I Make This Website

Maintaining this website is a hobby of mine. This page serves as its development documentation, both for myself and anyone else who might be interested.

source code

The source code for this website lives in a git repository that you can find here on GitHub.

editing layouts and content

I use Hugo, a static website generator, to turn some HTML layouts and some Markdown into a bunch of HTML that I can serve as this website.

builds and deploys

I host these static files on Netlify. Each time I push a new commit to the main branch in GitHub, Netlify kicks off a new build, which compiles a few serverless functions and builds the site with Hugo.

If the build fails, Netlify sends me an email with a link to build logs to help me diagnose the failure. If the build succeeds, an updated version of the site is published!


I think JavaScript can be really cool, but I try to keep this site free from it unless it’s necessary for some functionality that I want to provide.

At the time of this writing, the only uses of Javascript on the site are:


I don’t use any client-side analytics/tracking code. I’m not completely opposed to websites collecting analytics - I just don’t have a need for it here. I can see high-level traffic trends on Cloudflare and that’s plenty for this site.