Hey! My name is James Vaughan and I live in California and study computer science at UCLA. I’m usually out slacklining and climbing, but sometimes I take pictures, go to class, and write code. I also read books and watch a lot of movies and I’m almost always listening to music.

If you don’t believe me or you just want to learn more, you can see some photos and read about my slacklining adventures on instagram, check out my scrobbling history on last.fm, ask me about the last book I read on my reading list, find out what movies I’ve watched recently on letterboxd, look at my profile on linkedin, take a peek at some of my personal projects on github, or follow me on twitter.

I’ve been spending most of my time lately playing with Linux, learning new programming languages, and building websites. One of the thing that excites me the most about computers is the potential for improved educational materials that make use of interactive visualizations and explanations that can help learners understand and develop intuition about the world around them.

my latest writing

my current projects

bark - a command-line bookmarking tool
groupme-tui - a text-based groupme client
shair - a place to share links with friends without losing them